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The most important thing you can do is to relax, let go, and Have Fun on your wedding day. 


   In our experiences, no matter how much you plan for your wedding day, something will invariably not go as planned.  When this happens, keep reminding yourself that this day is about marrying the love of your life,  and don’t let the little things get to you. 


  If you have any specific photos you want, communicate your wishes with your photographer before the wedding. This will help you both be on the same page and ensure that the photos that you expect are the photos that you will get.  In a sense, we like to “get inside your head” so we can shoot your wedding through your eyes as much as possible, incoorporating our signature Artistic and Romantic style and amazing details of your wedding day.

   Posed Group Shots?

  We suggest trying to limit the number of posed group shots. The more groups you want photographed, the less time your photographer(s) will have capturing  the real, magical and unexpected moments that make your day so special, and the more time you and your guests will have to spend away from celebrating.    Your photographer specializes in capturing all the great expressions, magical moments and precious details that tell the story of your wedding.


    After the cake is eaten, the last dance is done and all the Thank-You cards sent - you’ll have your wedding photography to look back on and to share with friends and family.


Let’s make the most incredible images you could ever have dreamt of.

A few hints and words of wisdom.

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